About us

Official name of the school
Budova GMH
State-funded institution of the Central Bohemian Region
Registration number
VAT number (for tax purposes)
Phone number
+420 326 771 601
Fax+420 326 771 214
School founder
Logo Středočeského kraje
Středočeský kraj, Krajský úřad, Zborovská 11, 150 21 Praha 5
Head Teacher
PhDr. Lenka Sosnovcová (lenka.sosnovcova@gmh.cz)
Deputy Head Teacher
Mgr. Miloslav Zajíc (miloslav.zajic@gmh.cz)
Dagmar Nohynková (gmh@gmh.cz)
Gymnázium Mnichovo Hradiště is a secondary school providing general secondary education, which offers an 8-year study programme for students who have completed the 5th grade of elementary school and a 4-year study programme for students who have finished the 9th grade of elementary school. Both study plans are accomplished with a school-leaving exam – maturita. We are quite a small school. There are 12 classes and 29 fully qualified teachers. Thanks to these facts mutual respect and understanding is easily achieved. Our main goal is a complete preparation for future studies, but also creating opportunities for personal development and life-long education. In the last two years of study we offer the choice of either social science or natural science. Students also have the option to choose from additional optional subjects. (see ŠVP for more information)
We do not provide accommodation for our students.